MATRIX Automations Services. Always flexible.

At MATRIX Automations, we offer you a variety of services, so that you can constantly benefit from MATRIX technology in your flexible production. Choose between customizable service packages – from off-site maintenance on a case basis to a comfortable rolling exchange system.

Automation Setup Consulting – Create flexibility now.

Benefit from our two-decade’s experience in form-clamping technology.

  • Where in your company should you use MATRIX technology and how can it best be implemented?
  • How can your company reach the optimal savings potential?
  • And at the same time prepare itself for the flexible production of the future?

We bring deep, functional expertise and an international perspective that goes across all sectors. Together we can realize opportunities in technology, transformation and a sustainable flexibilization of your production.



We appreciate your suggestions, questions and your interest in the MATRIX clamping systems.
If you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate.